Environmental Policy

The Household Moving Company fully accepts its responsibility to minimise the impact that its activities may have on the quality of the environment.  In this respect, the Company has implemented a programme which aims to improve environmental quality by reducing the impact of day-to-day operations:

· re-use / re-cycle packing materials whenever possible - including wooden liftvans and paper-based product
· source materials from a sustainable origin
· use discarded office paper as 'scrap'
· use e-mail for all correspondence (when possible)
· develop a system whereby most documents are computer generated
· collect all printer toner cartridges and batteries for re-cycle
· regularly service and maintain all vehicles to manufacturer's specification; only diesel or unleaded fuel is used in order to reduce pollution
· schedule and co-load shipments whenever possible

The Company actively promotes our environmental culture to our customers and suppliers and strives to ensure that our environmental standards are met by our own employees at all times.

Contact Information

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