Moving timeline

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Moving Out

  • It is necessary for you to be present when The Household Moving Company delivers your goods. You will need to show the driver where you want them placed and sign for delivery.
  • Inspect your goods for cleanliness before signing for delivery.
  • You are ultimately responsible for how your goods are packed if you are packing yourself. Be familiar with our packing tips and supervise hired labor.
  • Check every room, closet and cabinet one last time.
  • Make sure the destination address and contact information you provided are correct.
  • You will receive information while your goods are in transit.
  • Leave a note with your new address in the house so that future residents can forward stray mail.
  • Keep a friend or family member informed of your plans and where you can be contacted in case of an emergency.

Moving In

  • Keep track of your shipment and work with us to schedule delivery of your goods. Plan ahead for parking. You are likely to arrive at your new home ahead of your shipment. Take this time to look things over and to make sure your new utilities have been connected.
  • Check appliances and systems to ensure all are working properly, and arrange for repairs if necessary.
  • Check to see if your mail is making it to your new address or pick up any mail being held.
  • Consider drawing out your new floor plan and decide where you want furniture and appliances placed.
  • It is necessary for you to be present when we deliver your items. Show the crew where you want them placed and sign for delivery. If you are unable to do this, arrange for another family member or friend to accept your shipment.

After Your Move

  • Keep us informed on your feelings of this whole experience!
  • Best of luck in your new place.

Contact Information

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